10 Reasons Why You Should Do Zumba

Zumba has been around for a long time now and is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. The fact that it groups dance rhythms from all over the world into a one hour fun filled party, makes it the Go-to endurance training method for every age group and gender. Even though I have been teaching Bollyfit and dance for about 14 years now, My love goes truly towards Zumba and here are 10reasons why you should consider joining a Zumba fitness routine.

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10 Reasons To Give Zumba A Try!

Adaptive to any Age or Fitness level

There is no ideal body type for Zumba. In fact there is no such thing as a wrong step in Zumba. In every one of my Zumba classes, I make sure all of my lovely clients do the choreographed step in their own comfortable way without making any posture mistakes. The whole party moves in a scalable intensity, allowing your body to move up and down the intensity ladder without any stress.

Builds Endurance & Stamina

Every Zumba routine is designed to fill in a 45-60mins party popper and also as i said before, it moves up and down the intensity ladder. This helps your body complete a full sweated body workout in the way that it is supposed to, thereby increasing the endurance of our muscles and stamina to hold up till the end. 

A complete Mood Booster and Stress Buster

This is probably a point that everyone needs to experience than be explained to. As we push past various stressful and challenging problems in life, keeping one hour of Zumba in your life with a huge smile on your face can definitely help you forget all those worries and maybe even help you find the solution through all your problems. A study from the journal of positive psychology found that listening to upbeat music can improve your mood and boost happiness. You can always avail a free trial Zumba class with me by clicking here, to find out if it’s true.

Burn those Calories

Yes, that’s right, Zumba is not just the fun and smiles, it’s also a hard core workout. You may be able to burn between 300 and 900 calories during one hour of mid- to high-intensity Zumba. Doing Zumba two or three times a week, combined with weekly strength training sessions and a balanced diet, may help you meet your weight loss goals.

Tones the whole body

Zumba is more than just a cardio workout, it tones our muscles, helps us incorporate important everyday exercises and also burns fat equally throughout the body as it’s not just our arms or legs that would be moving alone.  

It’s Never-Ever boring

One of the main differences between a standard workout routine and Zumba is its ability to keep changing the dance rhythms and songs to keep you motivated and glued on to each class. Have a particular song you want to dance to ???? Hit me up and I myself will choreograph it to Zumba standards and release it in our virtual Zumba class.

Increased Confidence

One of the very widely known issues that everyone faces, is stage fright. My Zumba class will allow you to be less self-conscious in public and project an air of confidence. What’s more, dancing and cardio both release floods of endorphins into the brain, making you feel better and making your outlook more positive.

Improves Balance, Rhythm and Coordination

A Zumba Class incorporates more than 7 different rhythms in each routine, and keeps on that choreography until you get really used to those steps. Over time, you will see yourself remembering the next step, with improved step coordination. The rhythm sinks into you to a point where you might even use those steps in a party or get together to a song that has similar rhythms.

Become part of a community

Zumba is not an individual workout routine. In fact that is one of the reasons why I never teach my clients the step directly. It’s all about learning it over time slowly with the group. By dancing, laughing and watching each other in the class, you will slowly feel open and confident that this is your second family.

Improves Blood pressure

As said before, Zumba is a stress buster. There is even a study in 2016 involving a group of overweight women that found that after a 12-week Zumba fitness program, participants experienced a decrease in blood pressure and significant improvements in body weight.

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Before you Cooldown 

If you haven’t tried a Zumba® Fitness class yet, definitely give it a try. It’s one of those things that you have to try in order to like it. There are ofcourse a ton of other benefits and these are just 10 of them.

What is so special about a Zumba Class with Zin Pyari?

All of my classes are personally designed by me with weeks of effort to give you the best balanced workout routine. Our Routine goes in 4 sets – Warm up, Fitness, Burn/dance and finally Cooldown. Apart from experiencing the best zumba routine ever, I also make sure you are educated well, about Nutrition and Fitness with a small 10 sec tip after every class. As everyone might already know, Fitness is not just about the workout. It’s also about balancing all 4 pillars of fitness.  

Join a Zumba Class – Dance out your Worries – Earn your Fitness with a Smile 

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