The Rainbow Culture – Multicolored Breakfast Recipe

The wonderful practice of eating different colored vegetables and fruits everyday is known as the Rainbow food culture. It has been said that the more colors you have on your plate and the more shades of vegetables and fruits your meal includes, the more nutrients you are eating. But HOW!!!!! Don’t worry, add this wonderful Rainbow multicolored Breakfast Recipe to your everyday meal and fall in love with the benefits of the Rainbow breakfast culture

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Rainbow Culture Multicolored Breakfast Recipe Checklist

  1. 1 Orange
  2. 1 small Apple
  3. 1 Banana
  4. 1/2 Pomegranate
  5. 2 Dates
  6. A small handful Raisins
  7. 4 Walnuts
  8. 5 Pistachios
  9. 4 Almonds
  10. 2 Small Cups of Quaker Oats
  11. 1 Glass milk
  12. 1 small spoon Chia seeds
  13. 1 pinch Sesame seeds
  14. 1 small spoon Pumpkin seeds
  15. 1 small spoon Sunflower seeds
  16. 1 small spoon Flax seeds powder/seeds

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Rainbow Culture Multicolored Breakfast Recipe Steps

Step 1: Gather all the ingredients

Step 2: Boil the milk in a pot and add the oats to it. You can increase the amount of milk if you need, or you can alternatively make it in water if you are lactose intolerant or just prefer without milk

Step3: Clean the dates and cut it into small pieces, Mix the raisins with it and add it to the prepared Oats

Step 4: Wash the Almonds and Walnuts (you can keep it in water for about an hour before hand for softness)

Step 5: remove the Pomegranate seeds from its skin

Step 6: Slice up the Apple, Orange, Banana, Almonds, Walnuts and pistachios into small square pieces (this is just so that it looks pretty – We should always feed our mind before our body)

Step 7: Transfer the Oats into your plate of Choice and arrange the cut fruits and nuts in the way you like

Step 8: Garnish your meal with the Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds, Flax seeds and sesame seeds

Step 9: Enjoy your MEAL !!!

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Benefits of Each Color in the Rainbow Food Culture

Benefits of RED (Lycopene) color in food

  • Keeps our heart healthy and decreases risk of stroke
  • Prevents and even fights cancer, especially prostate and breast
  • Good for urinary tract health and for memory!

Benefits of ORANGE/YELLOW (Carotenoids) color in food

  • Decreases inflammation in the body and helps prevent cancer
  • Keeps our immune system strong and our skin healthy
  • Good for our vision – helps us see at night!

Benefits of GREEN (Lutein) color in food

  • Protects our eyes by preventing cataracts and slowing age-related macular degeneration (natural worsening of eyesight as we get older)
  • Also contains Folic Acid, an important nutrient for having healthy babies(prevents neural tube defects)
  • Keeps our bones, teeth and nails strong and also prevents blood clots!

Benefits of WHITE/TAN (Allicin) color in food

  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Keeps our bones strong and healthy
  • Helps fight cancers, especially stomach cancer!

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Benefits of Eating Seeds and Nuts Everyday

Nuts and seeds are highly nutritious and are a good sources of protein, healthy fats & fibers. They also help regulate body weight as their fats are not fully absorbed, they regulate food intake, and help burn energy.

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A Multicolored Ending

Fitness should never be your Goal, It should be your living culture. If you keep it as a goal, our mind will collapse as soon as we achieve it and well, then we would just go back to the beginning again.

So making your everyday nutrition colorful and beautiful is one of the most important steps in balancing the 4 pillars of fitness. This recipe will not only make you happy and eager to have your breakfast everyday morning, it will also provide your body with the daily nutrition that it needs.

So Enjoy your meal, and Let me know of your thoughts in the comments below