The Importance of Sleep in Fitness (2021)

Getting a good night’s sleep is often undervalued among everyone. We often push off our sleep by a few hours due to various natural reasons such as day to day workload, family time, movie nights or even just chilling with friends. Our human brain has been scientifically proven to work with just 5 hours of sleep and hence we often don’t realize the adverse effects that could affect our body and physical activity. A study in 2012 showed that people with short sleep duration tend to weigh significantly more than those who get adequate sleep.

This Article will give you complete insights on the importance of Sleep with respect to our body’s health and wellness. 

Hold on till the end of this article as it will also give you tips for better sleep and a sleep hack to fall asleep fast. 

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Why Is Sleep Important For Exercise?

Sleep gives your body the time it needs to recover and conserve energy and also to repair and build up the muscles broken down during exercise. A good night’s sleep also helps the body produce growth hormone which is vital for athletic recovery and lean muscle building.

Why Is Sleep Considered More Important Than Exercise?

Sleep is considered muc more important than the exercise itself, as a good sleep can help you maintain your physical and mental health. It can also help your body recover, and strengthen your immune system. Without proper muscle recovery and rest, your muscles will be too tired to carry out the next day’s exercise routine, resulting in inconsistency and thereby resulting in lesser results. 

Five Reasons Why Sleep Is Important For Fitness, Backed up by Science

  • Poor sleep causes weight gain – 2012 study 
  • Bad sleep increases your appetite and promotes eating more calories – 2013 study
  • Good sleep helps maximize athletic performance – 2011 study
  • Poor sleep is linked to depression – 2005 study
  • Sleep affects your immune function – 1996 study 

What Are the Health Benefits of Getting Good Sleep?

The various health benefits of getting adequate sleep are as given below 

  • Improves your immune function and hence saves you from getting sick easily. 
  • Supports you in staying at a healthy weight 
  • Lowers your chances for serious health problems, like diabetes and heart disease
  • Reduces stress and improves your mood 
  • Helps you think more clearly and helps you in getting along with others. 
  • Helps you make good decisions which could result in avoiding  injuries. 

How Much Sleep Do You Need by Age?

Does Lack of Sleep Cause Belly Fat?

There are many commonly known causes for belly fat, which includes a poor diet, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, stress and so on. Poor sleep comes as part of those key factors as found in a study done in 2013,  and hence can lead to belly fat. 

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Is It Ok to Sleep After Exercise?

It is ok to take a short nap after exercise as sleep helps the body to repair and restore our muscles, bones, and tissue from the strain we put on them during workout. This will help you in attaining fitness goals a little faster 

Tips to Add to Your Checklist for Better Sleep 

  • Avoid using electronic gadgets such as phones and laptops before sleep. They emit blue light which suppresses the sleep hormone, melatonin, which leads to a broken sleep 
  • Avoid doing engaging physical activities before bed, instead calm yourself down by taking a hot shower or having herbal tea. This increases the sleep hormone and helps you fall into sleep faster. 
  • Get the best comfortable bed of your choice and make sure your environment is calm and soothing. 
  • Fix a daily sleep schedule and try to stick to it
  • Don’t obsess about a previous sleepless experience, once the day has passed. This could cause your brain to overthink and break your current sleep cycle. 

Daily Exercise is also a key factor in getting a sound sleep. CLICK HERE to see what daily exercises you need to add to your daily workout plan

How Can I Fall Asleep ?

One of the most popular methods used to fall asleep, also known as the military method, was first brought forth by Sharon Ackman. Follow the simple steps as given below to give it a try

Now Close your eyes and keep this in mind 

Sleep is one of the 4 major pillars of fitness. There have been many cases, where workouts tend to not bring the expected results, just because of the lack of sleep. If you aren’t getting the recommended number of sleeping hours, then it is high time you make sure you do. Sleep is absolutely essential to operate at 100 percent, not just in the gym, but in your everyday life, as well.


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