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CTAA Accredited Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Healthcare professional, Certified Fitness Coach, COVID safe coaches and professionals certified, Zumba Fitness Instructor

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Have a Colorful Rainbow colored Breakfast every day

Add an Apple, an Orange, half a cup of pomegranates, one cup of cut pineapples, and a banana to your daily food structure

DO NOT go on a Diet, Skip meals, aim for a high weight loss target or eat your meals quickly

Walk 10,000 steps a Day

Don’t miss your Zumba Class

Balance Workouts, Nutrition, Sleep and Stress to attain your fitness Goals

Always keep a good posture while working out

Do a cardio workout everyday

Drink Water = 0.033 X your weight in KG

Avoid bright lights before sleep

Avoid Sugar !

Switch to Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Increase Your Protein Intake

Eat a Lot of Leafy Vegetables.

Reduce Your Salt Intake

Add Beans and Pulses

Add Calcium to Your Diet 

Daily workout = 10 pushups a day (3set)+ 12 squats (3 sets) + 8 Bird dogs (3 sets) + 10 bridges (2 sets) + 30sec plank

Drink 1-2 spoons of Apple cider vinegar everyday (morning) by diluting it in water