Push-Up : Quick Guide 2021

What Is a Push-Up?

A push up is a simple, but effective exercise done in a prone position that can be done anywhere with just your body weight. Regular pushups have been proven to give noticeable results in increased upper body strength. When done in the correct posture, they can also strengthen your lower back and core muscles by engaging the abdominal muscles.

What Are Push-up’s Good For? 

  • Strengthens your chest muscles, shoulders, triceps, back muscles and upper body muscles. 
  • Strengthens joints and bones
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Burns at least 7calories a minute while doing push ups
  • Improves your posture

What Muscles Do Push-ups Work?

The Standard push ups targets the following muscles

  • chest muscles
  • shoulders, or deltoids
  • back of your arms, or triceps
  • abdominals the “wing” muscles directly under your armpit

How to Do a Push-Up? 

  • Kneel down onto an exercise mat or the floor and keep your feet together
  • Bend forward to touch the floor/mat with both hands shoulder distance apart, with the fingers facing forward
  • Keep your feet together behind you with your back flat. Keep your abs pulled in tight. 
  • Slowly lower your body towards the floor, maintain your head aligned with the spine. Make sure your back doesn’t sag or hike upward. 
  • Lower the body until your chest or chin almost touches the ground and then slowly push back to the beginning position. 
  • Repeat the downward movement and continue with the same procedure. 
Steps to do a push up in the correct posture

General Tips for Doing a Push-Up 

  • Keep your butt down and not lifted
  • Maintain your body in a straight line at all times, Dont arch or sag your back 
  • Keep your core engaged and tight

How Many Push-Up’s Should You Do a Day ?

If you are a beginner, you can start with about 10 pushups a day in 3 sets and then slowly increase your count every once in two days. An average active person can start with 50-100 pushups a day and slowly increase the count up.