8 Reasons Why You Should Drink Lemon Water With Honey Every Day

Honey in lemon water might actually be one of the most famous detox drinks known to everyone. Even yet, did you know there are a lot of health benefits associated with having it every day on an empty stomach? This article will give you 8 benefits and reasons why you should drink a glass of lemon water with honey in it every day. 

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How Do You Make A Lemon Water With Honey Drink ?

The lemon water with honey drink is definitely one of the easiest drinks to make.

Take a cup of hot water, let it cool down to a lukewarm state.

Add 1/2 a Lemon & 1tbspn of organic non-processed honey to it.

Stir it up and enjoy your morning freshness. 

YES! It is as simple as that. 

lemon water in two mason jars

8 Health Benefits of the Lemon Water With Honey Drink 

The lemon water with honey drink is an amazing drink that gives just the right amount of calories from the natural sweetness of the honey followed by a host of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Now you must note that these nutrients are in very low quantity, but on an empty stomach, it can bring a difference.

Apart from this, there are 8 main benefits of having the lemon honey drink every day. 

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1. Aids in weight loss 

Lemon just mainly increases the body’s secretions, thereby improving blood and lymph movement. The diuretic effect in it then eliminates all the toxins found in the body. And one of the major unspoken reasons for obesity is the accumulation of toxins in the body. It also increases metabolism, which allows your body to jump straight into a fat-burning mode right in the morning. 

2. Excellent Detoxifier 

This world is filled with toxins, there is no easy way to say that. We face toxins every day in our food from pesticides, pollution, fertilizers, and so on. The lemon water with honey drink uses its citrus properties to detoxify liquid diets. It is also a liver tonic that improves the functions of neutralizing toxins.  Its diuretic effect then helps in flushing out the toxins through urine.

3. Aids digestion 

The lemon water with honey drink increases stomach acid production and bile secretion. Hence the most noticeable benefit of it is digestion. They aid in the breakdown of food materials and the absorption of nutrients. 

4. Helps clear skin of acne 

Skin health is also very important in our fitness journey. Apart from its fast digestive outcome, the lemon water with honey drink can also show visible clear skin with less acne in a matter of just 2-3 weeks. Lemon naturally has a lot of oil cutting properties (which is why it’s seen in many face products), citric acid removes dead skin cells and accumulated debris that clog skin glands. Antioxidants in lemon and honey and their antibacterial properties also contribute to skin clarification.

5. Increases immunity 

Another very much proven benefit of the lemon water with honey drink is its immunity booster property. This drink can protect you from seasonal allergies (like flu and cold) if you keep drinking it every day. This is mainly due to the immunizing abilities combined by both the lemon and honey. 

6. Helps in relieving throat infections

This is a very important point. Throat infections are very serious and can affect your whole physical state. We might not see it as a big issue until we face it. It will be noticed that we won’t even be able to move around if we have a serious throat infection. Hence taking care of it is very important in fitness. If you have a sore throat, this warm lemon honey drink can give you instant relief. This is not a temporary effect though. The peroxides in the honey will help heal your throat, by reducing the bacterial load in the infected area. This is one of the reasons why many people use honey on wounds. 

7. A remedy for chest & cough congestion 

It is not an unknown fact that Ayurveda uses honey in many curing ailments for chest and cough congestions. The lemon water with honey drink uses the same practice. Lemon has the ability to help in thinning mucus and honey has the ability to reduce mucus production. Together you have a super drink in your hand.  

8. Helps relieve constipation 

Consuming the lemon water with honey drink every day uses the benefits of the warm water (which helps move the stomach contents along) and the benefits of the lemon (which lightens body secretions, including mucus secretion from the intestinal walls) to help relieve constipation. It also helps reduce bloating and flatulence that accompany constipation.

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Side Effects of Too Much Lemon Water With Honey Drink

Don’t be alerted, I am sure you know too much of anything and everything is bad for us.

Hence it is best to consume only one glass of lemon water with honey everyday. It is also important to know what would be the side effects of having too much of it.

The various side effects that could happen from overconsumption of the lemon water with honey drink are

  • Heart burn
  • Tooth erosion
  • Frequent urination
  • Irritation to the mucus membrane
  • May cause lethargic feeling
  • May aggravate skin problems
  • May arise GERD & Ulcers
lemons cut up with a jar of water near it

Before You Begin Your Detox 

The most simple steps we take in life often give us the best results. Switching into a healthy lifestyle shows that we value ourselves in the way that we should.

This amazingly easy to prepare drink – lemon water with honey – is going to be a game-changer in your life if you haven’t already been doing it. There are also other detox drinks, like the ABC detox, ACV detox, green tea detox, and even coffee detox. Each of these drinks shares the same detoxing property but also have their own individual benefits. So always remember to have any one of this daily first thing in the morning. 

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