Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Weight Loss – The Complete ZP Guide

The health benefits of apple cider vinegar such as lowering blood sugar have been widely known for many years. So does apple cider vinegar aid in weight loss? If so, how and when should you take it? Also, what are the other benefits of taking it? This article will give you complete insights into everything you need to know about apple cider vinegar. 

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV)?

Apple cider vinegar is a simple vinegar made from fermented apples and water. There are many different varieties of ACV in the market, The most common one is distilled ACV, which looks clear in the bottle. Raw, unfiltered or unpasteurized ACV contains a cloudy substance that floats around in the mix. This is formed by natural enzymes during fermentation and is called the “mother”. This type of ACV is most preferred for weight loss as it may contain more natural bacteria and yeasts.

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How Is Apple Cider Vinegar Made?

The process of creating apple cider vinegar includes cut or crushed apples combined with yeast to convert their sugar into alcohol (similar to how wine is made). Bacteria are then added to ferment the alcohol into acetic acid. Acetic acid is an organic compound with a sour taste and strong odor and is the main active component of apple cider vinegar. The two-step fermentation process mainly consists of creating apple cider first and then converting it into vinegar.

One tablespoon (15 ml) of apple cider vinegar contains about three calories and virtually no carbs.

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Why Should You Consider Taking Apple Cider Vinegar?

ACV has a lot of health benefits as discussed in the next section. Apart from this, it also reduces cravings by inducing a sense of fullness, thereby making apple cider vinegar a great option for weight loss or for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What Are the Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits when taken in the right dose as shown below 

  • Improves digestion 
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Is a good antioxidant 
  • Improves hair health
  • Helps you lose weight 
  • Has many anti ageing properties
  • Helps reduce acne
  • Reduces bloating and belly fat
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Decreases cancer risk 
  • Lowers cholesterol 
  • Kills bacteria
  • Improves heart health

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How Much Apple Cider Vinegar Should You Take a Day?

Drinking 1–2 tablespoons (15–30 ml) of apple cider vinegar each day for several months may increase weight loss in people who are overweight. There are studies that show two tablespoons each day have also been found to help dieters lose nearly twice as much weight in three months compared to people who didn’t consume apple cider vinegar. Taking more than the recommended dosage is not advisable as it may bring in harmful side effects, which will be explained in the last section of this guide. 

How Do You Consume Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss?

The recommended dosage of 1-2 tablespoons mixed with warm water per day, can be done in 2-3 doses throughout the day and it would be best to drink it before meals. Do not take more than 1 tablespoon (15 ml) at a time, as taking too much at one sitting may cause nausea.

It is important to mix it with water, as undiluted vinegar may burn the inside of your mouth and esophagus. It can also be combined with honey.

Another way of consuming it would be, mixing it with olive oil and adding it to a salad dressing, particularly with leafy green vegetables, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

How Do You Consume Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss?

What Is the Best Recipe for an Apple Cider Drink?

The recommended recipe for Apple cider vinegar is 1 tablespoon of ACV in 250ml (8 ounces) of water. To taste better, you may add honey, ginger, or cinnamon. 

How Effective Is Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss?

How much weight you can lose by drinking apple cider vinegar is a heavily asked question. A human study conducted in Japan showed the following results for those who consumed 1 tablespoon of ACV and 2 tablespoons of ACV per day.

How Effective Is Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss?

Is It Better to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar in the Morning or at Night?

Apple cider vinegar is best known to consume first thing in the morning. Taking ACV in the morning could help you to lose weight, reduce hunger, and remove toxins from your system. As we plan to spread the usage throughout the day, it is also recommended to have ACV before meals.

There are assumptions that state that taking ACV right after a meal can aid in weight loss. Unfortunately, these assumptions are wrong as it is not healthy at all and can delay your digestion process.

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Can I Drink Apple Cider Vinegar on an Empty Stomach?

Yes, In fact, apple cider vinegar is best recommended to consume on an empty stomach in the morning or before meals. You can wait for 20 mins after ACV consumption to have food. 

What Are the Side Effects of Too Much Apple Cider Vinegar?

We have so far talked about all the plus points of ACV. However if wrongly educated or wrongly consumed, ACV can cause harm as well. Here are a few side effects of apple cider vinegar that might not affect you, but should be kept in mind. 

Slows down the process of food leaving the stomach

 ACV controls the blood sugar level by reducing the rate at which the food leaves the stomach. This process slows down sugar absorption into the bloodstream. This however can cause an adverse effect as it may worsen symptoms of gastroparesis and make blood sugar management more difficult for people with type 1 diabetes.

Side effects for digestion 

Studies show that apple cider vinegar and acetic acid may decrease appetite and promote feelings of fullness, leading to a natural reduction in calorie intake. These studies also showed that when consumed in an unpleasant manner (without improving the taste), it may cause unpleasant digestive symptoms in some people.

Tooth enamel erosion

In the end, apple cider vinegar is derived from acid, and so if consumed with low amounts of water or consumed wrongly, may weaken dental enamel and lead to loss of minerals and tooth decay.

Throat Burns

As mentioned before, ACV is a strong acid. As the same scenario of other acids, ACV can also burn on the way down to the stomach if it is not diluted properly. 


How Should You Consume Apple Cider Vinegar Safely?

Most people can safely consume reasonable amounts of apple cider vinegar by following these general guidelines:

Quick Recap Before You Go Shopping 

Apple cider vinegar has been around for thousands of years. We deserve to know its health benefits and uses, especially in weight loss. Adding ACV to our daily diet is going to be one of those key steps in achieving our fitness goals. Consuming it in the right way and at the right time will give us an upper hand. Share this article, if you found it to be useful 


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