Trying to Lose Weight ? Here Are 5 Things You Should Never Do

Everyone and anyone can tell you what you need to do to lose weight. But there are some key and simple steps you SHOULD NOT DO, if you are trying to lose weight. This article will give you 5 simple yet major points you should not do if you are trying to lose weight in 2021. 

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Trying to lose weight is a headache that most people struggle with. Especially with the pandemic simply at the edge, it’s hard to get completely active or just go out for a walk. But apart from joining an online fitness program, following a healthy nutrition plan, getting 7hours of sleep daily and even managing our stress (4 pillars of fitness), there are some key points that we should not do if we are seriously trying to lose weight. 

1. Going on a Diet

a woman fedup of her diet

Yes! You heard it right.

When weight loss is considered, almost everyone first thinks of going on a diet. While dieting can help reduce weight fast, a strict diet itself means restricting calories. Which will in turn build cravings on the back of our head like a dam holding water. And what happens when the dam breaks from too much water?

or in other words, when our cravings go too high, we will break and eat much more at some point leading to excess weight gain (much more than before the diet). 

So then what to do? 

Follow a healthy meal plan with enough nutrients, calories and other vitamins daily. Every natural food item has its own health benefit, we should never term one as being bad or another being good. 


2. Skipping Meals

A ladies hand saying no to food offered in a plate by another persons hand as she is trying to lose weight

Our body is like a machine and it definitely needs its fuel to work. If we skip a meal, the body will be forced to hold onto fat stores, depress your metabolism and lose muscle. Yet again, you will get faster weight reduction results by doing this, but at the cost of losing your muscle and being unhealthy.

So then what to do?

Stick to your meal plan of eating ideally 3 times a day. If you can, splitting your food into 4 or 5 times a day in lower quantity will also help as it gives time for our body to digest food rather than store it as fat. (note that alternatively you can also try intermittent fasting which does not abide by this rule)


3. Having an Unrealistic Target

A fat guy  siting down with his hand on his chin, fed up of the fitness routine because he had an unrealistic target in the hopes of trying to lose weight

The biggest challenge that everyone faces in their fitness journey is keeping consistency.

Most people make a mistake by promising themselves that they can achieve a huge weight loss goal in a short amount of time. The problem here is that fitness is a slow and long process, but the reward is worth it. Consistently sticking to the schedule everyday is what rewards us the most. If and when we don’t achieve the far fetched goal in the given time, we mostly lose faith and then the whole table turns. 

So then what to do?

Fitness is not a process that happens for a short amount of time, it’s part of our living culture. Instead of setting yourself a target, just stick to your workout plan, eat healthy food, sleep well and live stress free. The rewards will come.

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4. Eating Food too Quickly

A lady eating cornflakes with a spoon too quickly while looking at her watch for the time forgetting the fact that she is trying to lose weight

Apart from the fact that you can’t enjoy your meal if you eat too fast, a fast consumption habit can directly affect your rate of digestion. When the food you eat doesn’t digest, your body first tries to store the maximum leftovers as a reserve (a natural survival instinct of our body) and this reserve is called fat storage. Another point is that when you eat too fast, your body becomes too late to signal your brain that it is full, and so you eat more than you need even without yourself knowing. 

So then what to do?

Take your time, slowly savor your meal. Food is happiness, stay happy for a longer time. 

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5. Not making Meals Special 

A chef arranging food on a white plate very carefully and beautifully to make it look special

Healthy meal plans are not gonna taste as good as a bucket of KFC. Or at least that’s what everyone thinks.

This Specialty or craving that we have towards processed and fast foods are because, they push out more of our happy hormone, also known as dopamine. This is also why chocolate tastes so good. Before feeding our tummy, we should feed our mind. Presenting our meal in a beautiful way to ourselves will pull out more dopamine from our brain thereby making us fall in love with the meal and even help us say no to our other favorite unhealthy food options.  

So then what to do?

Arrange your food options on your plate as if you were in a restaurant. Take pics, post on social media and appreciate yourself for the lovely food. 

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A blue plate with weight loss written on it as a bottom line of the weight loss diet

Bottom Line

Almost everyone makes the mistake of unhealthy eating, or overeating at least once in their lifetime which leads to a lot of weight gain. Some people can have an unhealthy weight gain due to various health issues like thyroid, or diabetes. We should always remember that our situation can be changed by following the four pillars of fitness and avoiding the above mentioned points. Even if you are suffering from various medical issues, a healthy nutrition plan has the capability to fix it. 

Always Keep your Hopes up, Stay focused, Stay confident, Stay consistent, Stay healthy, Stay happy. 
- Zin Pyari


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