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Nutrition & Fitness
Nutrition & Fitness

As a certified nutritionist, personal trainer and Healthcare professional, it is important for me to see my ZP family achieve their fitness goals with the right fitness and nutrition advices.

Zumba Fitness Classes
Zumba Fitness Classes

From 4 years of experience in being a Zumba instructor in multiple countries, every single one of my Zumba virtual class is a fun filled experience you wouldn't want to miss. FREE trial class is available ofcorse.


Step by Step Dancefit
Step by Step Dancefit

With over 14 years of experience as a Dancefit and Bollyfit instructor, I am here to tell you that you HAVE what it takes to master any and every dance rythm. Just follow my simple 4-5 step choreographies that i upload every week and achieve your dance goals

From the ZP family


Bruno Petr

What to say about Zin Pyari? He is always full of positive vibes and with a super smile he recharges you with energy after each lesson. I was simply feeling relaxed, happy and getting fitter and fitter week after week. Zumba is for everyone and Zin Pyari is the best instructor on the market. Hope you’ll come back to London!!! Ciao

Bruno Petr LONDON
Reshma Maya Ajay

I have reduced over 20kg of fat from my body in a matter of just 5 months of attending Zin Pyari’s Zumba and nutrition advices. Thank you for making me confident and transforming me

Reshma Maya Ajay INDIA
Marta Uranga Figaredo

Zin Pyari’s Zumba classes are the Best of the Best.. I was very skeptical at first as I am not a dancer, But once I joined his class I was able to quickly learn up to 7 dance styles in under 2months. Above this, I was also able to lose about 8KG of Body Fat without even knowing. I have never been more confident in my life. Thank you Zin Pyari for changing my life. I highly recommend his classes to all

Marta Uranga Figaredo SPAIN